We pause with our regularly-scheduled building updates to recognize all the leaders whose tireless efforts over the last five years have led us to this hinge moment in the life of our church.

Among them, these leaders have served on the Special Committee on Facilities and Mission, served on the Capital Campaign Steering Committee, served on the Long Range Planning Group, served on the church staff currently or in the past and still are present among us, and/or organized the cleaning out of Buildings B & C. Their tremendous leadership on these short-term projects has been nothing short of a gift to our church through arguably one of the most pivotal seasons in its history. Because of them, we are nearing the public end of a successful, transformative capital campaign that has raised more dollars than any other. Because of them, we have released ourselves of stuff and space that weighed us down in order to do ministry for the good of the world. Because of them, we are clear about our church’s mission, vision, values, and priorities, and are more prepared than ever to let them and let God guide the way forward. None of this could have happened if not for their leadership ‘for such a time as this.’ For that, and on behalf of all the church — past, present, and future — we say thank you!

In worship on Sunday, we recognized these folks with words of affirmation and the gift of a brick inscribed with their name, words of gratitude, and a reminder of our scriptural guidance for this season of our church’s life: “Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with great boldness.” (2 Cor 3:12) Thanks be to God for these who have led us with great boldness into our hopeful future ahead!

Special Committee on Facilities & Mission
Gary Knight, chair
Joe Bircher, architect
Preston Cook
Alice Cox
Martha Davis
Carla Diehl
Mary Foskett
Chris Gambill
Ray Hawley
Annice Hogsette
Larry Hovis
Randy Peters
Meredith Smith
Gary Stiffler

Long Range Planning Group
Roper Halverson, chair
Marty Cook
Wally Cox
Melissa Dellinger
Gayle Edwards
Mary Foskett
Chris Gambill
Gary Knight
Gary Stiffler

Capital Campaign Steering Committee
Leslie Lowdermilk, chair
Nancy Baxley
Bob Edwards
Gayle Edwards
Anna Harris
Kelly King
David Smelcer
Meredith Smith
Smitty Smith
Matt Steen
Lee Anne Stiffler
Kim Towles
Kim Wilkinson
Alana Williams
Mark Williams

FBC Current Staff
Sally Barbour
Amy Cook
Steve Hairston
Jake Hill
Emily Hull McGee
Amy McClure
John Thornton
David Williamson
John Young

FBC Past Staff & Special Designees
Brent Greene
Scott Hudgins
David Hughes
Cynthia Jeffries
Tom Moore
Marshall Price
Mike Queen
Cheryl Taylor
Beverly Yokeley

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