This week around the church house…

Thank you for all your patience over the past week as we weathered well the electrical shutdown! We are so grateful that all went well without any major hiccups. Once the masonry work on the back of the building is completed, Duke Energy will be back to excavate the old transformer from its spot in the breezeway, and at that point, all the electrical work will be complete! Speaking of the brick work, the masons have shifted to the Spruce Street side of the back, and are continuing in their repair and replacement.

Our building crew took a field trip to the roof this week to check on all the progress around the roofline. Things are progressing nicely! The A-frame roof on the back of the building is nearly complete, after which roofers will move to the front of the building to prepare the A-frame roof there for its replacement after the scaffolding comes down. 

A few delays in product deliveries of our new doors and terra cotta blocks remind us of how busy things are in the construction world these days! Be assured that our friends from Blum remain persistent in moving our project towards completion. 

Be sure to check out the ‘penthouse exhaust topper’ on the new boiler room roof, meant to offer a nicer look to the necessary pipes on the roof. 

Thank you for your patience in this season of transition!


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