This week around the church house…

Jackhammering on the retaining wall between Buildings B & C and Building A is nearing its end (see photo to the left), and truckloads of dirt are beginning to arrive to backfill the space where the buildings once stood. When completed, some 18,000 cubic yards of dirt will fill the hole. Average soil weighs about 2000 pounds per cubic yard, which means approximately 36 million pounds of dirt will be placed on site!

The most significant update this week regards the heating of our building. Due to a variety of factors, (some anticipated, others not), the building of our new boiler room and installation of our new boiler has been delayed, and will not be up and running until the end of January.  This has resulted in the need to pursue a temporary heating solution, whose research and planning which has been underway for weeks but now with a finalized solution.

This Friday, we will have a temporary indirect-fired boiler brought to the church house, which will be located on a trailer outside the building and will provide heat to the Sanctuary and Kelly Auditorium. A number of space heaters will warm smaller rooms throughout the building. This short-term solution will keep us warm for the next two weeks, including Sundays, October 28 and November 4.

Plans are also well underway to install a temporary boiler that will heat the whole building for the duration of the time until our full boiler is completed (early November through late January). This process involves a number of moving parts (contractors, inspectors, engineers, the city and its utility divisions), and is well underway now. You will soon see the temporary boiler located onsite!

Our contractors at Frank L. Blum have the heating of our space at the top of their priority list, and will be shouldering a good deal of the associated costs. This week, Blum’s quick and helpful work joined with the tireless and creative efforts of John Young, the leadership of Gary Knight, and our House & Grounds Committee have enabled us to move ahead with confidence into the fall and winter months ahead.

We have been assured that in this time of transition the building will be warm, but just in case it’s not as warm as you prefer, please come to the church house with an extra sweater or jacket just in case! And as always, we remain so very grateful for your patience, flexibility, and spirit!

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