This week around the church house…

The terra cotta replacement pieces are being installed this week and next on the tower! They look fantastic, and the workers are completing this vital piece of the overall project. Starting Monday, October 21, the scaffolding will begin to come down — quite the marker in this historic project. See below for pictures from a recent trip up the tower.

Door installation began this week with the installation of the new handicapped-accessible door at the top of the ramp. Over the next two weeks, you’ll see each of these doors installed and the finishing complete.

Music suite scaffolding has been erected, and the plaster work has begun this week to repair the sagging ceiling in the music suite. This work should take the better part of a couple of weeks to finish.

And finally — we give thanks that the elevator has been modernized, inspected, and cleared for our use! Enjoy a ride on it the next time you’re in the building!

Thanks for your patience in this season of transition!

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