This week around the church house…

Many of you are asking when we’ll find completion with the elevator work — it’s coming soon! Because the city’s elevator inspectors are the ones also inspecting the rides at the Fair, we won’t have our elevator work inspected until this Wednesday, October 16. We anticipate being without an elevator one more week, including this Sunday, but expect to be up and running after that!

Work continued on the back of the building this week, as masonry workers completed the brick work on the Poplar Street side of the back and shifted to the Spruce Street side. You’ll also notice that a new window is currently being framed in and will be newly installed on the Poplar Street side! This window was likely removed years ago when the bridges connecting Buildings B & C were completed. With its installation, the windows facing the back lot will recover their symmetry and the conference room will gain some more natural light!

After a short delay, the new doors for the three main ground floor entrances and two Sanctuary-level side entrances are en route to Winston-Salem! Installation for these doors will start on Monday.

If your movements around the church house generally take you to the third floor music suite, you’ll notice a good bit of activity in there in the coming weeks! The folks who repaired our plaster in the Sanctuary over the summer will be back to repair the plaster in the music suite ceiling, which was determined to be cracking and sagging such that it needed attention.

Thank you for your patience in this season of transition!

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