This week around the church house…

Several big days last week on the front side of our building readied it for the final leg of scaffolding construction! (Head to our church’s Facebook page to see more pictures from those installation days!) Four steel beams were set in place by a crane, making for quite a sight to see in downtown last week. The scaffolding crew is on track to complete their construction within about two weeks, at which point the work of restoration and roofing will begin.

Deeper inspection of the underground piping for the boiler revealed that, because of the particular pathway those pipes travel, an additional cut into the floor near the bridal suite was actually not needed. (You might remember last week hearing that it was!) Work on the boiler continues, as steam pipes are run and connected from the boiler to the mechanical room.

Concrete for the new ramp was poured on Wednesday morning, and waterproofing will continue throughout the remainder of the week. Additional shoring for the elevator shaft wall will ensure that the pressure from the soon-to-be-rebuilt stairs and the ramp will keep it secure. Next week, we’ll continue to see the additional footings for the ramp go in.

So many of you took a moment on Sunday to take a grand tour of our three new restrooms! We are thrilled that these spaces are now ready for our use. As the final touches go in over the next several weeks, we encourage you to utilize these new resources!

You may notice a sheet of plastic covering the end of the hallway near the church offices. This area is being prepared to house a small prayer room, holding several items that will be relocated from the former Beth Allen Prayer Room near the chapel.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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