Don’t forget — this is the week (September 23-27) when our church building will be without electricity while our new transformer, electrical panels, and switchgear are installed and set up! Duke Energy and our friends from Blum have everything ready to go, and our church staff has been working hard to ensure a smooth week ahead. Here are a few things to remember:
  • Should you have a need to call the church office with an emergency or urgent need, you can do so by calling our main office line (336-722-2558), and leaving a message on the voicemail. The pastoral team will be checking that periodically throughout the week. If there are non-urgent things that can wait until next week or be communicated via email with staff, that would be best!
  • All our staff will either be traveling, taking vacation time, or working off-site next week except for John Young, Facilities Manager, who will be on-site to monitor the work.
  • Schedule changes for the week are as follows:
    • Wednesday night activities will take place at the Habitat for Humanity offices in Boston-Thurmond, where we will share a meal together and learn from Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods. There will be no specific programming for children or youth, but folks of all ages are invited to attend! Read more in the announcements about this gathering.
    • Weekday Bible Study will shift around this week. The Tuesday morning small group will NOT be meeting. The Wednesday Common Table WILL be meeting in the assembly room at the Winston-Salem Center for Education and the Arts John 3:16 Building.
    • Any committee/team/task force meetings will be meeting off-site. If you have a question about this, please check with your group’s chair or staff liaison!
    • Sunday Bible Study and worship on September 29 WILL be happening! We have been assured that there should not be interruption to Sunday’s schedule.
Should you have questions, don’t hesitate to let us know! Thank you for your flexibility in this season of transition!

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