Starting in May, John Thornton will lead a bi-weekly discussion group on the book The Financial Diaries by Jonathan Morduch and Rachel Schneider. From the book’s description: “The traditional narrative about financial success in America is that hard work, steady saving, and a little bit of luck will ensure financial security, a comfortable retirement, and a better future for one’s children,” but by zooming in on the finances of 235 families, the authors find, “families that are struggling with financial instability and insecurity, but who are also working hard and devising smart and creative ways to cope. By following their dilemmas and responses, we can identify the forces that are out of their control and design new ways to support them.”

Read more HERECome discuss Morduch and Schneider’s findings over coffee at Footnotes Coffee on 4th Street!

Order a copy of the book HERE  or pick one up at the church for a suggested donation of $10. Contact John Thornton ( with questions.

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