Thanks for the work of our own Paul McCraw, apples will be available for pick-up in the back parking lot at church (near the playground) on Thursday, Sept 17 from 10:00 – 11:00am.  This will be a drive-by pick-up only.  Vendors will be wearing masks and we ask you to wear a mask for pick-up.  Please stay in your car and apples will be placed in your car.  Please have the exact amount to pay for your apples and we ask that you use cash to hand to the vendors to eliminate any exchange of handling payments back and forth.

 Available apple varieties include: Red and Yellow Delicious. Stayman Winesap, Fuji, Rome, and Mutsu.  The cost is: Peck $10; 1/2 Bushel $14;  Bushel $24.

 Please contact Paul McCraw at 336-768-2308 to place your order.    All orders must be placed no later than Monday, September 14.

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