Much activity continues outside on the Poplar Street side of the building this week, as the ramp takes shape with the addition of brick to its side. In the picture below, you see our architect Joe Bircher assisting in the selection of a stone topper to the ramp. Ramp handrails are being built now, and next week, crews will pour concrete! Immediately adjacent to the ramp, the boiler room is nearing its completion. Spray insulation on the exterior of the room prepares it for the installation of its brick exterior, and this week, both the boiler and chiller piping receive insulation. We now wait for the state inspector to come and examine it before our use!

Things have been noisy atop the building, because roofing continues this week! Crews have worked on the roof of the long rectangular building and the small roofs above the 2nd floor side doors. Work on the flat roof should be completed within a couple of weeks, and work on the copper roofing (on the dome and tower) will begin later this month.

The tower has seen a good bit of cleaning this week, with restoration crews trying out various methods of cleaning to see which works best to remove the paint, glaze, and biological growth on the tower. At the photo on your left, you’ll see dry ice blasting of the sheet metal cornice work, just below the copper gutter of the main dome. This metal cornice will be repainted after cleaning and repair to the various holes and missing areas is completed. We also learned this week that molds for new terra cotta units can be built without having to remove the existing pieces. This is good news that enables our work to flow without major interruption.

You may have noticed missing ceiling tiles in the first floor hallway over the past week! Part of our project involves the addition of a new fire alarm system in our building. That was completed this past week, with their crews needing access to the wiring above the ceiling. Thanks to the work of House & Grounds, this hallway will receive ceiling tile upgrades and warmer, brighter lighting. Look for that to be completed by Easter!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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