This week around the church house…

Lots of activity has unfolded this week on the side of our building, where the ramp has now been backfilled with gravel on the ramp and the stairs area. Masons have begun work on the brick siding. Enjoy looking out the windows now and seeing a level ground instead of a large hole!

Tower shop drawings (like what you see to your right) have been submitted this week, enabling next steps on the process by which we move toward repair of the terracotta unit blocks shown in red here. You may notice plastic sheeting around the dome this week, which has been placed there to do the lead paint removal. That part of the project should wrap up by the end of this week, and our restoration experts are encouraged that the cornice looks to be in better shape than anticipated. This morning, crews ascended the tower to begin the process of cleaning and to explore how best to remove one of the terracotta blocks for repair and replacement.

The mechanical contractor is finishing the welding for chiller piping this week, a step that moves us in the direction of completing the chiller work.

We continue to enjoy dry weather, which has accelerated much of the work outside. However, the potential new fill for the back lot still has an unacceptable amount of water in it. Our crews remain diligent about regularly testing the dirt so that we can move towards fill as soon as possible. On the upside, the good weather has enabled the beginning of roofing replacement on the flat roof atop the long rectangular part of our building. Materials were placed on the roof yesterday, and demolition of the old roof is underway today. Assuming good weather, the replacement of this TPO roof (TPO is the material used to cover the roof) will take about three weeks to complete.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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