• As things around the site near their final conclusion, a flurry of activity is going on around our church house as workers aim towards finishing all that is nearly complete. Roofers are nearly done with all the roofing work that was under the scaffolding, and you can now see the copper that has extended over the a-frame in the front of the building! Roofing and restoration are on target to be completed by next Friday.
  • In the back of the building, a final cleaning has prepared the new brick to be stained to match the rest of the wall. New bollards will be installed this week to ensure pedestrian safety from the parking lot into the building. New awnings are here for those back doors as well, and will be installed as soon as the brick cleaning and staining has been finished. 
  • Patchwork on the outside brick mortar and inside plaster of the Sanctuary is nearly complete, fixing the spaces that had been used to anchor the scaffolding to the building. 
  • Expect to see the site begin to look a little different here in the coming weeks! Upon the conclusion of roofing and restoration, the fencing will come down around the site, as well as the removal of equipment and the construction dumpster in the back. At that point, the folks from Blum will begin their work of cleaning up sidewalks, landscaping, and any remaining areas that need to be fixed back to their original look. 
  • In these final weeks, we’ll be learning more about the total project cost as the project concludes, as well as any next steps with the building that come recommended by our experts as we move forward. 

Thanks for your patience in this season of transition!

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