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Have you ever wanted to see the big picture of how the Bible fits together? Do you need some
background that could help you better understand the great story told in the Scriptures?

A SURVEY OF THE BIBLE is a teaching ministry of First Baptist Church on Fifth that seeks
to offer this kind of big picture background about the Bible. Over the course of the school year, we will survey the entire Bible. To complement the
exposition of selected passages of Scripture that we have from the pulpit and in Sunday School
classes, this study will give an overview of books in the Bible and entire sections of the Bible.

The goal of A SURVEY OF THE BIBLE is that the student will finish the study with a greater
understanding of God’s Word and a renewed desire to study the Bible more deeply.

The teacher for A SURVEY OF THE BIBLE will be Dr. David Hull. Following over forty years
as a Baptist pastor, he and his wife Jane recently retired and moved to Winston-Salem to be near
family. They have joined First on Fifth where their daughter, Emily, is the pastor. This course
will build on his years of pastoral teaching in the local church as well as in university and
seminary settings.

In addition to making this course available to members of First on Fifth, sister churches in the
downtown area and in the local CBF church community will be invited to join us. If you are
interested in attending, please join us, and invite a friend to come with you to the study.

BREAK for the holidays

January 18 Years of Pomp and Pathos (David and Solomon)
January 25 The Prophets Speak for God (Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah)
February 1 The Minor Prophets
February 8 The Wisdom Literature of the Hebrews
February 15 The Life of Jesus According to Matthew
February 22 (Ash Wednesday – NO CLASS)
March 1 The Life of Jesus According to Mark
March 8 The Life of Jesus According to Luke
March 15 The Life of Jesus According to John
March 22 The Unhindered Gospel – I (Acts)
March 29 The Unhindered Gospel – II (The Ministry of Paul in Acts)
April 5 (Holy Week – NO CLASS)
April 12 The Letters of Paul – I (Galatians, 1&2 Thessalonians, Philippians)
April 19 The Letters of Paul – II (1&2 Corinthians, Colossians, Philemon)
April 26 The Letters of Paul – III (Romans, Ephesians, and the Pastoral Epistles)
May 3 The General Letters and Hebrews
May 10 Revelation

BIBLICAL SOJOURNERS CLASS, Sunday morning hybrid class
The Biblical Sojourners are a multi-generational group of women and men that come together to study the Bible and listen for God’s word. Currently studying Numbers.

Location: Hybrid on Zoom and the Conference Room
Time: 9:00AM-10:00AM
Contact: Roper Halverson

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