This week around the church house…

It’s been one of the busiest weeks around the church house regarding our building project in awhile! The glorious good weather (cold, but dry and sunny!) has brought a flurry of activity outside our building. After a crew pumped water in the back and scraped the ground early this week, big truckloads of dirt began arriving on our backlot on Wednesday. They will continue in earnest for the remainder of the week and will do so as long as the weather stays nice. After the largest rainfall in North Carolina on record in 2018, we are thrilled 2019 is shaping up to be drier and sunnier!

The site work on our block has effectively doubled, as a skilled crew of scaffolding workers are moving quickly and safely to build the scaffolding around the front of the building. Fencing went up late last week, and the scaffolding is being worked on every day. You’ll see that in order to do this work safely, the scaffolding has been bolted to the building. This is standard practice for a project like ours and will be repaired fully upon the conclusion of the work.

With the shell of the boiler room complete, crews have worked each day on-site to assemble the boiler within. Early next week, steam piping will make its way into the building which will temporarily disrupt the women’s restroom and powder room near the Bridal Suite / Nursery. Bricking this room will be one of the final pieces of completion, and we are still on track to have the boiler online by the end of February. Just outside the boiler room, the first layers of concrete have been poured for the handicapped ramp. Assuming the good weather holds, the ramp wall and 2nd floor stairs out the Poplar Street side will be poured soon after!

After the painting and door frames were completed, bathroom fixtures and light fixtures were installed early this week. Accessories like the mirror and dispensers for paper towels, toilet paper, and soap will join the doors to soon complete these rooms. After several rounds of inspection, they’ll be ready for our use before you know it!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in this season of transition!

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