This month around the church house…
Although our weekly Building Updates have concluded alongside the conclusion of our Phase One building project, occasionally you’ll find updates in the eBlast on our church house… because, as we know, the work is never complete! Read on for a few updates to know.

It has come to the attention of our House and Grounds Committee that our grand old magnolia tree in the front Spruce Street side of the building has reached the end of its life and is in need of removal. Magnolia trees generally hold a lifespan of about 80 years, and ours has exceeded that. In order to keep our building and grounds safe and in preparation for future landscaping work around the site, a tree removal company will be onsite over the coming weeks to carefully remove the tree.

As you heard in our January Quarterly Church Conference, several smaller building projects are being discussed and researched in these first months of the year. These projects, while outside the scope of our Phase One project and guaranteed maximum price, all have come to our attention while in the natural course of the full project. All three — (1) extensive work and repair on our two back fire escapes, (2) re-landscaping our grounds, and (3) adding/repairing lighting to the tower, dome, and front porch — are in process with our House & Grounds and Finance Committees, as bids for the work are coming in and priorities are being determined. You will certainly hear more in the weeks to come!

Many of you have asked about the organ following water damage incurred from the January 11 storm. Over these past few weeks, folks from Frank L. Blum have coordinated several meetings with organ builders, subcontractors, and insurance agents in order to assess the damage to our instrument. These conversations continue alongside church leaders, and we hope soon to have clarity on a plan to address this damage.

Many thanks for your continued interest in and care for our church house!

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