Conversations is a group of approximately 25 people who gather on Sunday mornings for fellowship, prayer and Bible study. The group is diverse, the fellowship is energizing and the Bible study is transformational. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, co-teachers invite learners to engage in the Scriptures for knowledge, history and application. We use the Feasting on the Word study. Outgrowth of these conversations is a deepening of the relationship with Jesus Christ, the building of the Body of Christ and the expanding of the Kingdom of God.

¨ Location: Kelly Auditorium Classroom D

¨ Contacts: Chris and Joy Gambill; K’athy Gore Chappell

The Koinonia Bible Study is a senior adult class made up of both couples and singles. With a rotation of teachers, our weekly lessons are come from the bi-monthly CBF Nurturing Faith Journal. In addition, this class regularly engages in missions and social gatherings together.

¨ Location: Baraca Room

¨ Contacts: Peggy Phipps


The Forerunners is composed of a dedicated group of women who enjoy studying the Bible and its life applications together. Gathered around a large wooden table, Formations curriculum serves as the primary jumping off point for study alongside the (large print) Scripture.

¨ Location: Kelly Auditorium Classroom E

¨ Contact: Florence Wiley

The Sojourners group is for adults who want to seek Jesus together through the scriptures, prayer, and community. We will meet weekly on Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:00, as well as, gathering together at other times for prayer and fellowship. This Fall we will be following the lectionary texts and our time together will include open discussion for area of study. This small group will be led by Smitty and Meredith Smith

¨ Location: Kelly Auditorium Classroom B

¨ Contacts: Smitty and Meredith Smith

The Friendship Class is a senior adult class which employs video-based learning to deepen their understanding of scripture and how it relates to our lives today.

¨ Location: Conference Room

¨ Contact: Benny Bowes, Dan Kinney, Al Guenthner



The Women’s Bible Study Class is a multigenerational group of women that come together to study the Bible and listen for God’s word.

¨ Location: Music Suite

¨ Contact: Roper Halverson



The GAP (Graduates and Professionals) Class is made up of young adults from various walks of life that gather the first and third Sundays.

Location: Kelly Auditorium Classroom A

This class will meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.


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