Winter Sermon Series

Home By Another Way

Worship in January

The new year often brings new imagination for what the shape of one’s life might look like. Sometimes, this can mean charting unfamiliar terrain and going places we’ve never been. But the new year often begins with a return: making different choices to reclaim habits long left behind, looking upon the same challenges with new lenses, and pressing past the noise to return to oneself and God. This January, we’ll follow along with the early days of Jesus’ life and ministry: the visit from the Magi to Bethlehem, his baptism and temptation in the wilderness, and his call to the disciples. We’ll notice the connection between a beginning and a return, all the while finding our way home in another way.


Lessons Along the Way

Worship in February and March

Jesus’ most well-known and beloved moral teachings can be found in the Sermon on the Mount, a collection of Jesus’ essential lessons that the gospel writer, Matthew, places right at the heart of his good news. The Sermon on the Mount covers all manner of topics: blessings for the overlooked, words about our anxiety and worry, guidance on how to interact with money and why relationships matter, instructions on prayer and work, law and order, all couched within Jesus’ vision of God’s dream for the world that is coming into being. In the months of February and March, our worship services will take a deep dive into Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, looking at it in its entirety for the lessons we need along the way.

Mark your Calendars for 2023

We hope you will join us in faith formation for a new year!



Enjoy a New Year’s brunch on January 1

Begin the new year of A Survey of the Bible

Attend a First Impressions class to learn about First on Fifth


Find a ministry team through which to serve

Catch vision in the State of the Church gathering

Remember ‘from dust we are’ on Ash Wednesday


Enjoy times of play and pilgrimage for all ages

Deepen your walk of faith in body and soul during the season of Lent


Share in Holy Week observances

Experience new life on Easter

Join a weekly small group and grow in relationship


Learn ways to be a compassionate neighbor

Imagine an Innovation for Ministry mini-grant

Feel the holy winds of Pentecost

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